Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What this is all about....

Where do I begin?

Well, for starters, I need an outlet for my creative side.

I also need inspiration at times and accountablity for my actions.

I need clarity from journaling my creativity, inspirations and accountabilty.

I want to share with you what my mind sees of my daily encounters and if it remembers enough details of those encounters to put it forth to you in words and pictures.

However, afterall is said and done, only the hem of my apron knows for sure!


I wear many aprons in my country girl life.

One is a basic utilitarian number, probably made from a recycled curtain or bedsheet, wore when I am milking a goat, throwing scratch grain to the chickens or painting the barn.

One is a prairie girl sort, made of a favorite piece of calico in lovely colors to coordinate with my latest/favorite cowgirl boots, worn also while milking the goat or feeding the chickens if I want to only because I feel the need. (do you hear me singing 'I feel pretty'?)

One said apron is made of a cotton fabric of choice, as is all my aprons cause if mama ain't happy with her apron- nobody on this farm is happy, which is wore in the kitchen while making bread, pies, lemonade or just a hot dog. Sometimes this apron may even match the kitchen curtains!

Yet another apron of importance around this farm is my haircutting apron.

It comes in many forms of practicality, mainly used for protection from my clients hair getting all over me or hair products getting on my clothes, or maybe just cause it matches a new outfit or boots that I chose to wear that day at work!

Of course most any of these aprons will find their way into my garden or sewing room at any given time of the day.

So hang onto your bonnets/straw hats my friends and come along to see where my apron hem has been today.

Never know what sorta tricks of the trade, recipes, sewing projects, hairstyles or secrets that hem might just share with you!

cause afterall only the hem of my apron knows for sure...