Friday, October 28, 2011

On goes the sewing apron....

so I can get some MEGA organization going in my sewing room/rooms. I need that organization, yet again, to make room for my newest addition to my sewing machine collection. Yes, you read correctly, I have done it again! I hope this is finally my dream machine. It's the Juki HZL F600 Exceed Quilt and Pro Special. Now that's a mouth full! I have been totally in love with my Juki TL98Q but it's only a straight stitch machine that is fabulous for least that's what they say, maybe when I actually get a project finished I will report back on that one.....

I have been scaling down and selling various machines for the past couple years now and I still have at least one more to go out the door and I really believe this will be the one machine to take care of ALL my sewing needs, along with the quilting machine and serger, of course.

I bought this machine in the blind going only on the features and the great Juki name and I hope that was not a mistake. I also purchased from the same great company that I purchased my other Juki from.

Now I will have no excuse, not nary a glimmer of an excuse, no reasons nor excuses to arise to keep me out of the sewing room working on projects. Do you believe me? Shut up! Don't be so negative and help me out here!

Gotta get back to work on this major overhaul of a couple rooms!

There will be pics to come, soon.

How exciting it will be to recieve my new machine and place it in a nice organized space to try it out for the first time.......ahh I'm dreaming again!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

In my party apron...

Friday evening my little hair studio was turned into a party house!
A Sabika Jewelry party house!
Dttr Robin is a Sabika consultant and dttr Leslie hosted a party for her but asked if it could be held here in the salon.
I think it turned out perfect!

This jewelry is absolutely beautiful and so addictive, if you get one piece you have the fever and want every piece to go with it.
Yes, I do speak from personal experience and have been collecting for over a year now ;-)

Leslie really has the Sabika bug now and she sold................ drum roll please.....

twenty five hundred $$$$$$$$$$$

and earned ..........

seven hundred and forty three $$$$$$$$$$ FREE

We had a really good time and had such a nice turn out

this was the "special" table....

Leslie is giving me one of these pendants for having the party here....she's a good egg!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

There's sand and salt on my apron hem...

...that came from the beautiful Tybee Island, Ga.

where Danny and I spent 4 fabulous nights in celebration of 35 years of wedded bliss!

This is only a snort of the 869 pictures that I took while there!

This cute couple graciously agreed for me to take their picture.

They really look like they are in love!

Enjoy the Island as we did!

This place is AWESOME!

I did not want to return to the mountains....

(we did not catch these fish)

you know I really really love birds of any sort....even the one who flew over my left shoulder and took my cheese cracker right out of my mouth...........seriously!

Danny still cracks up everytime he thinks about it!

there were jelly fish everywhere and lots of gorgeous shells

this is the house where the movie "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus was filmed

surfers were out each morning and late evening at high tide


(I thanked this guy for the great pics, he loved it)

cargo ship coming into the Savannah River

we spent a lot of time in the shade under this pier

we did lots and lots and lots of walking

what's not to love?

we were just a couple of love birds.......teehee