Friday, November 4, 2011

and you hurry up just to wait....

My new Juki arrived today as promised! Woot woot! Can you just imagine my excitement?
Yes Ma'am, I was all giddy inside again, just as I was last year when my other Juki arrived!
I tore into this box as fast as I could only to find a beautiful new sewing machine and no parts............................................ Seriously? Why? How? Why me? Really? There must be some mistake, right? Maybe I slung them across the room when I was tearing into this box so fast?
No! There are no parts/accessories/essentials with this machine other than a standard presser foot, a button hole thingy, an extension table, manual and the power cord/foot control! However they did happen to send one bobbin! HOW GENEROUS!

Can you imagine my disappointment? The screwdriver wasn't even in there! No patchwork foot, quilting foot, lint brush, 20 extra bobbins, walking foot, 100 organ needles, etc etc etc.....There was no way I could list the parts that were missing because there were so many of them so I only listed the few things that I actually recieved to the nice sales lady on the other end of the country. She really thought I was making this all up! She laughed at me and swore that this has never happened before! This was a brand new machine in a brand new factory box!

She said she would be happy to send me another machine as soon as I sent this one back to her. I said "Well thank ya ma'am but why don't you just go ahead and send that new machine from California to Virginia NOW!" She said "Yes, that's a good idea". That's what I thought! UPS will deliver another machine and pick up this one at the same time. Whew!

Now the best part of the story......they DID send me that ONE bobbin and the manual.......well think about what I have been doing? Is it wrong? Probably but I just can't help it! All I asked for were the missing parts but she offered to send a whole new box, so it's her fault that I have a week or more to play with their machine, right?

I LOVE IT!!!! It is so easy to use, it does everything, it is super duper quiet, and it will be an absolute dream machine when all it's pieces are here! I can't wait for the rest of them to arrive so I can actually dive into a new project!

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